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Need a great design for your e-learning content? We are here to help! e-Learn Dev is happy to lend a hand in making creating engaging e-learning that is competent and professional, all at a fair price. We aim to produce compelling aesthetics and substantive content for you – helping to enhance your overall message and allowing you to deliver the best blended learning possible. We are currently based in London. For enquiries, please contact us at adasilva88@icloud.com.

e-Learning content with substance

Our designs are bespoke creations crafted around the type of e=learning you aim to achieve. We correlate it with the topic at hand, as well as your preferred requirements and goals. We strive to provide content that is relevant, brilliant and not obnoxious. Our designs are to be visually appealing while still being easily understood by your audience. Whether you are going for simplicity, or something more advanced, we can achieve these goals to ensure an unbelievable e-learning.

Our staff

Our business is powered by our qualified and diligent staff who have a lot of experience in designing e-learning content based on your requirements. Many of our creations have received excellent reviews from our clients and allowed them to more effectively deliver their blended learning. When you work with us we promise that you will be warmly welcomed and treated with the respect you expect. We are open to constructive criticism as this gives us the opportunity to learn from any less-than-stellar moments and improve the services we offer.

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